How I use Postgres with Go

The libraries I love to use with Postgres

Most developers will have to interact with SQL at some point in their career, and often nowadays that means working with Postgres. I’ve been using Postgres with Go for a few years now and have found a couple of libraries that work really well together to make the Go Postgres experience productive, safe and fun. TL:DR; I have created an example repo that puts all of the below into practice: github. [Read More]

Replacing Docker Cloud

Introducing Redeploy, automatic Docker Hub deployments

Introduction Last year I wrote a post about automating deployment of your application, all the way from git push to redeploying your application in your environment. It relied on the free version of Docker Cloud, which allowed the use of a single node for free. Of course, the idea was that you should eventually want to scale your deployment, and then you’d need to pay. As long as all you needed was a single node, Docker Cloud and its Bring Your Own Host was powerful, flexible and simple. [Read More]

Advanced CircleCI docker testing

Using docker-compose with CircleCI

In a recent blog post I talked about automating the testing of an advanced GopherJS library using a combination of QUnit, Ginkgo and Agouti. That allowed me to run a complete integration test suite against my library by automatically spinning up browsers and pointing them at my QUnit GopherJS page. This was a great start, but after running it a couple of times we find that there are several problems: [Read More]

Auto-deployment of your app from Github

Or how I learned to love Docker Cloud and Scaleway

Update Docker Cloud is being discontinued. For an alternative easy app deployment, check my new post on automatic app deployment. Furthermore, I would nowadays recommend Hetzner Cloud over Scaleway. Scaleway was running out of instances last time I tried using them, and Hetzner’s web console is much better than Scaleways. Old post preserved below. Introduction Yesterday (!) I asked in the Gophers slack for recommendations for deployment of static Go binaries, as I was in the process of deploying a demo for another blog post I’m working on. [Read More]